Some shipping platforms only provide you with a full page (8.5" x 11") document. 


Frequently, they use half of the page for the shipping label and the other half for receipt or packing slip.


While there are many ways to split this page into a 4" x 6" label size, here is our favorite method:

1."Take a Snapshot" 

Please see this article for Cropping a 8.5 x 11 pages to a 4 x 6 label (4-1-2.Label Adjustments - Cropping a full size 8.5 x 11 page to a 4 x 6 label)


2."Crop pages" -> Remove White Margins



Download Acrobat Pro (need to pay) for "Crop pages" and also "Take a Snapshot" 

if you do not have it already from Adobe website (


2."Crop pages" 

Save your label as a PDF file

For Mac:

Open the file in Adobe Acrobat Pro

Go to "Edit" -> "Edit Text & Images" -> "Crop Pages" -> Double click white margins

Set "Units"

Tick "Remove White Margins" -> Remember "the Cropped page size" -> Choose "All" and click "OK"



Select Printer -> Click "Page Setup..."

-> Select Printer from "Format For: "  -> Select label size from "Paper Size: "

If the size you need not is not listed, then click "Manage Custom Sizes" -> input width, height and rename the size, then click "OK"

Click "Printer..." -> "Show Details" -> Select "Printer Features" in "Preview"

You can set up printer properties, such as "Media Tracking", "Darkness" and "Print speed". 

(Larger number means higher Darkness) 


Preview, check the print size and Orientation. If preview looks good, click "Print"


For Win:

Open the file in Adobe Acrobat Pro

Go to "Edit" -> "Edit Text & Images" -> "Crop Pages" -> Double click white margins

Set "Units"

Tick "Remove White Margins" and remember "the Cropped page size"


Choose "All", and click "OK"

Click "Print" and select Printer



Click "Properties" -> Select the label size from "Paper Name" 

If the size you need not is not listed, then click "New" to create "the Cropped page size"



Go to "Option". You can change the printing speed and the Darkness of your printing 

(Larger number means higher Darkness) 

Preview, check the print size and Orientation. If preview looks good, click "Print"


Note: If you are shipping more than a few labels, you would benefit from using a commercial solution that create 4 x 6 labels in one-click. See this article: How do I generate labels?(1-4.Printing Label - Printing Label - How do I generate shipping labels)


Official guide from Adobe:Print portion of a PDF page using Acrobat or Reader (


How can I crop multiple pages in the same document at once? 

1) On Adobe Acrobat you are able to crop several / all pages together. 

Please see:

) Briss is a free open-source application available for cropping PDF pages at once. It may take a little while getting used to it but once you are comfortable with it, it is pretty fast:


3) For Mac: 

There is a third-party company that offers a software for cropping labels

Please download form:

There is a operation tutorial video: