Most of the poor printing results are printed with low quality source files. Print the sample label to test if your printer is working well. This label is provided at standard quality and should print clearly. Change the label size on your computer to 4 x 6 inches before printing the sample label.


  If only some parts of the label or a few labels are not printed clearly, the reason may be one of the following:


(1) Cover is not completely closed

Firmly press the Cover to confirm that it has been completely closed.


(2) The quality of label paper

The darkness of the label depends on the label manufacturer. High quality labels produce darker prints.


(3) Margins and paper size

Please make sure the label size is correct before printing. If the content exceeds the label size, the printer may "shrink" the size to a smaller size resulting in faded content. 

NOTE: If you are printing 4 x 6 inches labels, the sample 4 x 6 inches label should take up the full width and height of your label. 

(4) Print density and speed

Follow these steps to set up print density and speed.


Please try the following two methods to improve print quality.

1. Set up print density and speed


Open desired file and printing 

-> Click "Show Details" ->Select "Printer Features" in "Preview", then you can change the Darkness (0-15)

(Larger number means higher Darkness)





Go to "Control panel" -> "Devices and Printers"

(Right click on "This PC", choose "Properties", then click on "Control panel"-> "Devices and Printers")

-> Right click on "Label Printer" -> choose "Printer Preferences" -> go to the "Option"


-> Select "print density (1-15)" (Larger number means higher Darkness)

Note: Setting the density too high may cause some unwanted dark lines and/or the label getting too hot and sticking to the printhead. 

2. Dust or adhesive on the Printhead

  Open Cover and use the alcohol pads to wipe the Printhead and Platen Roller clean. (Any 70% Alcohol pad would work.) Allow 2-3 minutes for components to dry, then close the Cover and turn Label Printer back on.