Reason①: Changing your label type and size are the main causes for the printer skipping labels or continuously feeding.

Printer hasn't learned your label. Please try the following steps to solve these problems.


First step

Re-run the automatic label identification. Check the video "Automatic label identification" from "Getting Started Video -> 5.Introduction of FEED BUTTON Mode" which is included in CD.


Disconnect the USB cable from your printer.

Press and hold the Feed Button until the blue light flashes 2 times, then release.   


Printer will move the label back and forth to determine the gap size and other properties of your label. 


When the label is at the tear off point; re-connect the USB cable to the printer and resume printing.


Second step

If your operating system is sending a longer / shorter label to the printer. You need to change the label size.

For Mac

Select or input label width and height that matches label size installed in printer in prompt window.

For Win

(1)Go to "Control panel" -> "Devices and Printers"

(Right click on "This PC", choose "Properties", then click on "Control panel"-> "Devices and Printers")

(2)Right click on "Label Printer" -> choose "Printer Preferences" -> go to "Page Setup" 


(3)You can choose the size you need in "Paper Name". 


(4)If the size you need is not listed, then click "New" to create needed size.  


(5)Input the size of "Width", "Length" and "Name", then click "Ok" to archive. 

(6)Then choose the size you create in "Paper Name".

Third step

The application you are using (e.g. Adobe Reader) could be over-riding your driver label setting and sending the print in a larger / smaller size to the printer. Look for "Page Setup" or "Paper Size" in the print prompt and ensure it is set to the size you want.


Reason②: The sensor which detects the paper, is covered by dust and that causes the detection is incorrect


Turn off printer. Open the Cover and use the alcohol pads to clean the sensor. (Any 70% Alcohol pad would work.) Allow 2-3 minutes for components to dry, then close the Cover and turn Label Printer back on.